Our wineyard

We founded our family winery in 2016 as a result of a big dream of organic grape cultivation and the classical method of wine production. This was preceded by several years of preparation and planning. After obtaining a planting permit, we planted our first hectare of vineyard in 2017. We cultivate our vineyard without additional herbicides and pesticides and maintain it in an ecological regime. Our vineyard in wine village Kráľovská pri Senci is blessed with an extraordinary climate with prevailing winds and a huge reservoir of underground water.

Planted varieties


Pálava in our region is capable of ripening at a higher sugar content and fermenting into wine with a higher alcohol content as well as a higher residual sugar.

Rizling Rýnsky

The king of wines among white wines, which ripens in our region at the end of October to beautiful aromatic tones. We make a dry wine from it with little residual sugar and a high maturation potential.

Pinot Noir

A traditional French red grape variety from which we make both red and rosé wine. Our red wine matures for at least a year in a stainless steel tank and then half a year in an oak barrel.